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Bellydance at Kickbutt Coffee


Eclectic Middle Eastern Dance

   "Z-Helene is an excellent dancer who is one of the most exceptional finger cymbal players I have ever seen. She and her drummer husband Rick Fink have an exciting onstage relationship that is creative and entertaining. But what I love the most about Z-Helene is her voice! She adds a theatrical element to the dance that is wonderful indeed."
Mahmoud Reda, Pioneer of Egyptian dance theatre 

   "I cannot say enough about this young woman... she is a kindred spirit... She's a wonderful, strong, vital and knowledgeable dancer and teacher. Z-Helene is known for her expressive finger cymbal playing; she is considered groundbreaking in her use of counterpoint and syncopation... She cuts through the future frontier of our dance with a style she calls the contemporary/ethnic Blue Wave Belly Dance!"
     - Delilah, Visionary Dance Productions; Seattle, WA

   "Watching Z-Helene perform is an organic experience... [she] proves that a determined artist can successfully fuse various international dance styles upon a solid base of Middle Eastern dance... Z-Helene has absorbed the nuances and soul that are Middle Eastern and has enhanced these elements with the sophisticated theatrical treatment of the West... Here is an artist of strong individuality... Z-Helene makes a statement when she dances, and one of the strongest statements that comes across is that she believes in what she is doing. The language of her dance is universal and would be understood in any land... She reaches for the elements and incorporates them successfully into her own personal expression, fusing them into movement."
     - Ibrahim Farrah, Arabesque

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Ode to the Elements Forever!
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